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CBD Skin

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120 pellet

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120 pellet

Base price: 81,89 € each 100 g

CBD Skin

- the world’s first make-up from within

If miracles are defined as incredible phenomena that simply defy explanation, CBD Skin undoubtedly falls into that category. Because this phenomenal product enables your skin to appear in a completely new light. It need never look tired again, but always fresh and smooth. CBD Skin makes blemishes, wrinkles, skin impurities and irregularities disappear as if by magic. Similar to the effect produced by transparent make-up, whose light-reflecting pigments allows the skin to appear fresh, glossy and looking as if depicted in soft focus. And as it is quasi invisible, no one can see that that anything has been applied. Completely unobtrusively, and completely without the stiffness sometimes produced by make-up - for as everyone knows, less is sometimes more.

The only burdensome aspect with such transparent make-up is that it still entails the daily procedure of applying it in the morning and removing it in the evening. However, CBD Skin now puts an end to that, too. For CBD Skin is the world’s first transparent make-up that works from within. Yes, you’ve read correctly. Thanks to the perfect and absolutely unique combination of the most precious plants, oils and micronutrients from the field of nutricosmetics, you can achieve an effect similar to that generated by transparent make-up applied externally: a fresh, smooth skin with a captivating, charismatic and vibrant radiance. Moreover, the unique formula of CBD Skin also fosters the health of the skin in the face of many challenges, including conditions such as acne, redness and erythema, atopic dermatitis, couperose, psoriasis, and many others.

This broad range of effects is made possible by the completely unique and synergistically acting combination of ingredients: CBD, from the cult plant cannabis, argan oil, i.e. the most expensive oil in the world, and the Cape aloe plant, the most powerfully moisturising plant among the 250 different species of aloe that grow on our planet. The additional portion of glow is provided by special skin micronutrients, including biotin, zinc, manganese, vitamin C and colostrum.

One of the most outstanding properties of the CBD Skin rejuvenation formula is unquestionably its anti-inflammatory effect, resulting from the presence in a 5% concentration of the cannabidiol CBD. And that is a good thing, because the latest results from the field of beauty research have shown that aging processes of the skin, such as the formation of wrinkles, are fostered, among other things, by chronic inflammation processes occurring in the skin. This constant inflammation can be triggered, on the one hand, by environmental stress factors, but on the other by, for example, bad diet. The result is so-called micro-scarring, which causes the collagen that gives support and structure to the skin to be destroyed. This, in turn, can give rise to lines, wrinkles, reddening, skin irritation, age spots and diminished skin tautness.

Countless studies have demonstrated that CBD interacts with the surface cells of the skin and so curbs the causes of inflammation. Additionally, this highly active substance obtained from the cannabis plant has been shown to support the production of fresh new skin cells and at the same time to slow the loss of collagen. This, in turn, provides the skin with renewed elasticity and counteracts the moisture loss. So not only does this effectively put a brake on the formation of new wrinkles, it also allows those that are already present to be smoothed out again. The result is that skin looks markedly fresher and more youthful once more.

As chronic inflammation in the skin not only accelerates the aging process but is also responsible, among other things, for blemishes to the skin, whether in the shape of acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, couperose etc., these skin problems are also treated at the same time by the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of CBD. CBD is so successful in this area that it is meanwhile used throughout the world for treating nearly all types of skin conditions. The antiseptic and antimicrobial effect of CBD also calms and soothes sensitive and irritated skin.

The incredibly broad range of effects of CBD is synergistically reinforced by argan oil, the most precious oil in the world! Like CBD, research results have convincingly shown argan oil to be effective in dealing with all kinds of skin challenges, making it an ideal partner for cannabidiol. The reason for the sensational results of this miracle oil is its unique composition. So, for example, argan oil is rejuvenating and also acts as an anti-inflammatory thanks to the polyphenols it contains, so not only delays the skin aging process but also helps against skin blemishes, eczema, psoriasis and various other conditions. Argan oil has also proved highly beneficial against cellulite, scars, pigmentation spots, as well as stretch marks from pregnancy or other causes because the triterpenoids and secondary plant substances it contains have the ability to repair damaged skin tissue.

Added to which, 80% of the miracle beauty product consists of unsaturated fatty acids. That is twice as much as in olive oil, for example. It also contains copious amounts of skin-care nutrients, such as vitamin E. The two things together – i.e. vitamin E and essential fatty acids – play extremely important roles in the skin regeneration, cell formation and cell healing processes. Vitamin E also regulates the moisture balance of the skin. This keeps the skin cells elastic, which in turn ensures a fresher appearance.

And argan oil - the liquid gold from Morocco - also contains spinasterol, a phytosterol that can be found in no other oil. Spinasterol is a plant substance with the ability to stimulate skin cell growth and cell regeneration.

And speaking of liquid gold from Morocco: Argan oil is quite frequently referred to by this expression. The reason for this is that the oil is more precious than even the most expensive perfume and is produced solely in Morocco. It is obtained from the fruits of the argan tree (Argania spinosa). These fruits rather resemble dates, but they unfortunately each yield only a very small quantity of oil. Once the fleshy pulp and the hard shell of the kernel have been removed, only three kilogrammes of kernels remain from an original quantity of 100 kilogrammes. Through cold pressing, these produce just one litre of oil. In other words, the fruits of up to two trees are needed for one litre of oil. And as pressing is done by a complex manual process, it can take up to 20 hours to produce a single litre of oil. And these factors explain the price level.

Moreover, the only place in the world where argan trees grow is in the arid, UNESCO-protected region of southwest Morocco. The argan tree is one of the oldest plants in the world, and in the course of 25 million years has developed into a specialist for survival in desert areas. In the search for water, its roots can dig as deep as 30 metres into the ground, and in times of severe drought it casts off its leaves and stops growing, and in this way is able to live for years while waiting for the next rainfall.

You will surely agree that these are absolutely fascinating facts. Scientists from all over the world are also awed by this Methuselah. Dr. Peter Schleicher, for example, the internationally famed immunologist from Munich, writes on page 64 of his book "Argan-Öl" (published by Südwest-Verlag): "Argan oil appears to be a guarantee for cell rejuvenation and therefore acts as a genuine fountain of youth…The Berber women of Morocco, whose basic skin care is based on argan oil, are renowned for their healthy, clear and taut skin“.

A further guarantee for smooth and healthy skin is sufficient moisture in the skin cells. Dry skin often appears pale and tired, it can feel tight and itchy, and tends to have areas of rough or reddened skin. Lack of moisture also causes premature wrinkling. For this reason, the CBD Skin formulation also includes the moisture booster par excellence: aloe vera. Or to be more precise: the Cape aloe from South Africa!

Of the approximately 250 different species of aloe that grow on our planet, Cape aloe is regarded as the most effective of them all when it comes to providing moisture for the skin. This beauty superstar is able to replenish the moisture reservoirs of the skin cells right to the top every day. And that is important, as the water content of our skin cells is involved in a process of continuous exchange. So Cape aloe is the far and away the “Natural Moisturising Factor” No. 1 – the natural moisturising system that significantly improves the skin’s elasticity and so visually rejuvenates and strengthens the skin and gives it a healthy appearance.

The deep-acting anti-aging formula of CBD Skin is additionally enhanced by the micronutrients zinc, vitamin C, biotin and manganese. Working in combination, this nutricosmetic complex strengthens and tautens the skin and narrows the approximately 20,000 pores of the face, and so likewise contributes to a smoother and more attractive overall skin appearance.

To enable really every single one of your skin cells to gain maximum benefit from this sensational product, we produce CBD Skin using a new, revolutionary process that ensures maximum bio-availability and is currently unique to Natura Vitalis and used by no other supplier throughout the world. The outcome of this are our so-called “Multi-Layer Pellets”. This means that every pellet consists of two layers – an outer layer (the mantle) and an inner layer (the core), which contains the active substances.

Thanks to this method, when the pellet has been swallowed it passes through the stomach still in its intact state and enters the small intestine. It is only here that the first layer (the mantle) is removed. In other words, the mantle acts as a bodyguard, protecting the inner layer (the core) with the highly potent active substances from the aggressive acid of the stomach. Not a single active substance is destroyed by the gastric juices.

This made possible by the special nature of the mantle layer which we use. This consists of trisodium citrate – a natural substance that is impervious to the acid of the stomach and is therefore able to proceed unharmed to the small intestine. This resistance provides natural protection for the core of the pellet, in which the valuable active substances are safely housed.

This pellet production process is also of major importance for the CBD as there are clear indications that if CBD is swallowed as normal, the acidic juices of the stomach convert part of the CBD into a psychoactive substance, THC. However, this would naturally significantly reduce the intended benefit of the CBD. It is, incidentally, also the reason why the administration of CBD in conventional capsules is more than questionable. However, trisodium citrate in the mantle layer also possesses another wonderful property, and that is that it supports an alkaline milieu. That is a factor of major importance as the bodies of most people today are over-acidified and an acid milieu could also attack the active substances anywhere in the body.  As you can see, therefore, our CBD Skin product really is unique throughout the world, in terms of both formulation and from a technological point of view. So start looking forward to the many compliments you will receive soon after you begin using CBD Skin.

Our tip: Combine CBD Skin with our legendary Collagen Lift Drink, our million bestseller Hyaluronic Acid MM and our unique Ceramid Complex Capsules.  


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from Johannes on 09.08.2018
Ich bin einfach nur begeistert, die Kräuterkapseln ein Wunder der Natur, spürbar, sichtbar und man fühlt sich sauwohl!
from Gerhard on 10.08.2018
Auf diese Produkt hat nicht nur die Damenwelt gewartet.
from Gabriele on 15.08.2018
Hervorragend, einfach nur top.
from Rita on 22.08.2018
WOW, schon nach wenigen Tagen sehe ich nicht nur besser und frischer aus, ich fühle mich auch besser dank CBD!
from Rosa Maria on 20.09.2018
Ich nehme die CBD Skin seit mehr als 2 Wochen in Kombination mit Collagen Lift Drink und Hyaluronsäure-Presslingen - leider bisher ohne sichtbaren Erfolg. Habe vor 3 Tagen die Dosis der Hayaluron-Tabletten verdoppelt und bin gespannt, ob sich dadruch Effekte einstellen.
from Yvonne on 22.09.2018
Ich nehme diese Presslinge nun schon einen Monat und ich sehe frischer aus. Ich habe immer sehr trockene Haut, ohne Gesichtscréme ist es ein sehr unangenehmes Gefühl, alles spannt. Seit ich CBD Skin benutze brauche ich weder Tages- noch Nachcréme. Ich fühle mich einfach gut! Ich nehme 2x2 Presslinge und ich möchte dieses Produkt nie mehr missen.
from Ulrike on 23.09.2018
Absolut empfehlenswert bei Couperose und Pigmentflecken. Auch die Tiefe der Stirnfalten hat sich schon nach kurzer Einnahme reduziert. Die Haut sieht einfach ebenmäßiger aus.
from Claudia on 24.09.2018
Super Produkt... die Haut wirkt fester, Poren verkleinert...

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