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CBD Stem-Complex

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120 pellet

Base price: 96,92 € each 100 g

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120 pellet

Base price: 96,92 € each 100 g

CBD Stem-Complex

- the future is now


CBD Stem Complex is absolutely unique and is available worldwide solely and exclusively from Natura Vitalis. The term “Stem-Complex” is really short for “stem cell complex”. And that is what this is all about. In this product, CBD, a highly potent cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, is combined with an exclusive special plant mixture that encourages proliferation of the body’s own stem cells.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. A combination of CBD with a very special, exclusive plant mixture that demonstrably boosts the body’s own stem cell production!!!

As we now know, CBD helps with an incredibly large number of medical conditions by massively increasing the secretion of various messenger substances. This triggers, in particular, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) effect in the entire body. So CBD eliminates the negative effects of all kinds of diseases.

Additionally, each pellet contains a synergistically acting plant mixture that multiplies the body’s stem cells. And stem cells heal – i.e. they eliminate the causes of diseases.

This means we have a highly effective combination of several completely natural substances that are able to do incredible things of benefit to the human body. So on the one side, for example, CBD eliminates pain of many different kinds, while on the other, the stem cells eliminate the causes of this pain by triggering the healing processes.

This combination is unique throughout the world. As we have already explained in detail in connection with our CBD products how CBD acts, let us now look more closely at the subject of stem cells.

So just what are these stem cells we are talking about? Well, everyone has stem cells in their body. They are a kind of “spare parts depot” or “repair service” of the body. They should, in fact, be properly referred to as “adult stem cells”.

To understand all of this better, let us remind ourselves once more what we consist of. There can be no disputing that our bodies are breathtaking miracles of nature. Each one consists of around 100 trillion tiny cells – i.e. a number with 13 zeroes!!! Blood cells, skin cells, liver cells, bone cells, heart muscle cells and so on… and so on.

Most of our cells are “skilled workers”, as it were; in other words they are specialised in a specific task within our bodies. The heart muscle cells, for example, contract rhythmically so as to enable the heart to beat. Nerve cells transmit information, hair cells cause the hair to grow, liver cells detoxify our bodies, blood cells supply our bodies with oxygen, etc.

So cells are, in fact, one-track specialists, pure and simple. And while it is they that make the miracle of life possible in the first place, they work exclusively on the division of labour principle. They specialise in one particular task within the body – no more, and no less. So, for example, a liver cell does a perfect job in the liver, but could never work as a skin cell – and vice versa.

That is why the approximately 100 trillion body cells we consist of have specialised into around 200 different cell types, which generally do a perfect job in their own field, but as already stated, in one specific area only.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are all-round geniuses, since they are neutral and unspecialised and possess the unique ability to specialise only on command and as and where the body needs them. This means that only when needed by a certain organ or tissue do adult stem cells specialise for this concrete task.

And that is a good thing, for what takes place day after day in our bodies can only be described as a massacre. Thus, for example, some 300 billion cells die every day. However, that is a completely normal process as all the cells of the human body have only a limited life span. So to prevent the body from breaking down, new body cells have to be continuously generated.

And it is precisely in this context that the adult stem cells have their central task. They are to be found in many organs, body tissues and bone marrow, and replace the cells that have died. Skin stem cells, for example, create a new skin every 4 weeks; the stem cells in the bone marrow produce new haematopoietic (blood-forming) cells every few days; the cells in the mucous membrane of the intestine form a new mucous membrane every 5 days, and also in the liver, it is stem cells that create a completely new one every few weeks.

To do this, the stem cells divide, with each stem cell producing one new stem cell as an exact copy of itself, and one cell that develops further into a specific tissue or organ cell. As stem cells, unlike our specialised cells, can divide indefinitely, they not only perform their everyday task by replacing cells that have died, but also repair damaged cells or worn-out or injured tissue, and so heal many illnesses.  

And that is extremely important because our cells are constantly exposed to environmental contaminants and lifestyle factors that can cause lasting damage. These include, among other things, poor nutrition, cell aging, a declining number of cells due to mechanical or chemical damage from the environment, etc. Every harmful change in the functioning of the cells is reflected in a deterioration in our health status.

Take, for example, people with type 1 diabetes. In their case, certain cells in the pancreas that produce the metabolism hormone insulin have been destroyed.

That is the only reason why sufferers experience the effects of diabetes. If stem cells can replace the destroyed cells, the sufferer is healed.

In the same way, stem cells can replace heart cells that have been destroyed through a heart attack. Or in the case of patients with Parkinson’s disease, stem cells could replace destroyed nerve cells. Stem cells have been in use in regenerative medicine for quite some time in many different ways, whether it is a matter of rebuilding cartilage and destroyed joints, arthrosis, back pain, visual impairments, hair loss, Crohn’s disease etc. The reason is that instead of combatting the problem with a drug or chemical substance – as is the case in conventional medicine – regenerative medicine holds out the promise of healing through the body’s own renewal capabilities. With the aid of stem cells, it eliminates the causes.

And why is stem cell therapy being ever more frequently used?

   1.)    Because stem cells are extremely effective

   2.)    Because as we get older (from age 40 upwards), the body’s own stem cell production regrettably declines more and more, so the body’s own repair mechanisms no longer function properly

To be able to take advantage of the many benefits of stem cells even after the age of 40, there are only two possibilities: One is to have stem cells taken by a doctor from the marrow of the spine, which are then cultivated and subsequently reinjected; the other is to take measures to ensure that a greater number of your own stem cells are released.

And this second option is indeed possible. Completely without syringes. And in a completely natural way. Thanks to our CBD Stem-Complex product.

As well as 5% CBD, each pellet also contains a special plant mixture that causes the production of the body’s own stem cells to increase dramatically within only a few hours. This sensational discovery was made by Californian and German scientists a few years ago. For over 10 years, they researched the effect of various substances and plants on the human stem cells. The outcome of this is now faithfully reproduced in each CBD Stem-Complex pellet: a synergistic combination of AFA algae concentrate, astragalus extract, L-carnosine, blueberry extract, resveratrol and green tea extract.

This is unique in the whole world! And the combination with CBD most certainly is. The exclusive plant complex in CBD Stem-Complex is able – within only one hour from taking a pellet – to cause several million new adult stem cells to be released in the body and proliferated in the blood system. The impact of CBD Stem-Complex can generally be seen as little as only one or two days after taking it. The reason is that adult stem cells can also slow down the aging processes. Thus, for example, they also replace damaged skin cells and rejuvenate them. The result is that you very quickly look fresher and younger.

For this reason, stem cell therapy is also being increasingly used in the anti-aging sector. And a similar effect can be achieved with CBD Stem-Complex. While the number of stem cells may be greater with a medical transplant, it is only a one-time event.

But with each new pellet you take, you permanently increase your body’s own stem cell production.

So with the aid of the special plant mixture, you achieve a significant proliferation in your body’s own stem cells, and also support the repair of damaged tissue and cells. And with the aid of CBD, you eliminate the negative effects of a wide range of health challenges. However, CBD goes even one step further and also supports the body’s own repair mechanisms. But CBD needs helpers for this, and those helpers are the adult stem cells. This means, then, that the substances in CBD Stem-Complex perfectly complement each other because they work together hand in hand.

And in order to achieve maximum bio-availability, and hence also maximum health benefit, for you, we produce our CBD Stem-Complex pellets by a new, revolutionary method which is currently used by Natura Vitalis only and by no other supplier worldwide. The result is what we call our “Multi-Layer Pellets”. In other words, each pellet consists of two layers – an external layer (the mantle) and an inner layer (the core), which contains the active substances.

Thanks to this method, when the pellet has been swallowed it passes through the stomach still in its intact state and enters the small intestine. It is only here that the first layer (the mantle) is removed. In other words, the mantle acts as a bodyguard, protecting the inner layer (the core) with the highly potent active substances from the aggressive acid of the stomach. Not a single active substance is destroyed by the gastric juices.

Responsibility for this lies in the special nature of the mantle layer which is used by us. This consists of trisodium citrate – a natural substance that is resistant to stomach acid and can therefore reach the small intestine undamaged. This resistance provides natural protection for the core of the pellet in which the valuable substances are contained.

This pellet production process is also highly important for the CBD because it is conjectured by some that when CBD is swallowed normally, the gastric acid converts part of the CBD into the psychoactive substance THC. If so, that would naturally significantly reduce the high level of health benefit of the CBD. And that is, incidentally, also the reason why the application of CBD in conventional capsules is more than questionable. However, the trisodium citrate in the pellet mantle has yet another wonderful property to offer. And that is that it is conducive to an alkaline milieu. This is especially important as nowadays, most people’s bodies are over-acidified and an acid milieu could also attack the active substances anywhere in the body. So as you can see, our CBD Stem-Complex product really is unrivalled throughout the world - whether in terms of the formulation or from a technological point of view. So look forward to the many different ground-breaking successes you will achieve with this sensational product.

Our tip: Combine this product with our CBD Oil Drops. That will increase the synergistic effect of the active substances in the pellet by a further 50% or so.

Recommended consumption: Take 2 pellets daily with ample fluid.

Information for diabetics: 2 pellets contain 0.1 CE (carbohydrate exchange) units.

2 pellets contain: CBD (Cannabidiol) from Cannabis sativa Extrakt – 6.4 mg, Vitamin C – 12 mg = 15*, Zink – 10 mg – 100*, Chrome – 12 μg = 30*, Vitamin B12 – 0.8 μg = 32*, Colostrum – 108 mg, Plant Substances – 318 mg. 
* = % of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) under the EU Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers.

Caution: The stated recommended daily consumption quantity should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The products must be kept out of the sight and reach of children.

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from Torsten on 12.07.2018
Allein die TATSACHE das dieses Produkt ausschließlich nur bei Natura Vitalis erhältlich ist heißt schon alles !!!!
Ein spitzen Produkt zu einem sensationellen Preis !!!
Die Zusammensetzung HAMMER !!!!!
Torsten B.

from Matthias on 13.07.2018
Das Produkt ist nicht nur der Hammer, nein es ist ein ganzes Hammerwerk, ein Meilenstein für die Gesundheit und nur bei Natura Vitalis erhältlich. Es ist ein Produkt was Geschichte schreibt!! Der Stammzellen-Aktivator schlecht hin. Allein die Beschreibung ist schon spannend. Danke an Frank Felte, Danke dem ganzen Team das es solche Produkte gibt. Hammer !!!
from Michaela on 17.07.2018
Ich leide schon seit einigen Jahren unter meinen Erschöpfungszuständen. Durch CBD Tropfen, Vitamin B usw. bekam ich das alles soweit unter Kontrolle.

Nun nehme ich seit DREI TAGEN dieses neue Hammerprodukt CBD Stem ... was soll ich sagen?

Ich habe heute morgen nur neine CBD Stem zu Hause genommen. Und im Büro durch Stress die anderen Kapseln (Vitamin B, C usw) vergessen. UND PLÖTZLICH VIEL MIR DAS AUF ... ABER ES GEHT MIR BOMBASTISCH. Normalerweise hätte ich ohne schon wieder Ermüdungsanfälle bekommen.

Ach und meine Haut ist wie neu. Sorgenfalten haben sich verkrümelt. DANKE NATURA VITALIS FÜR EIN NEUES LEBENSGEFÜHL!!!
from Carina on 19.07.2018
Dieses Produkt ist JEDEN Cent wert!!!
Nach nur 2 Tagen Einnahme sehe ich schon deutliche, positive Veränderungen bzgl. meiner Stirnfalten - es ist der blanke Wahnsinn.
Nehme 2 Presslinge und weiterhin mein CBD-Öl Orange.
Ein großes Lob an Natura Vitalis für diese großartige Produktkomposition!
from Karin on 22.07.2018
Ich nehme das Produkt jetzt seit einer Woche und ich spüre deutlich, dass ich insgesamt mich wieder fiter fühle und mehr Energie habe. Ich bin absolut überwältigt und dankbar, was Frank Felte da für ein Produkt gelungen ist. Die körpereigenen Stammzellen werden wieder aktiviert. Was für ein Meilenstein in der Gesundheit. Und zu einem Preis, dem es einem möglich macht das Produkt zu kaufen. Vielen herzlichen Dank Frank Felte!
from Kerstin on 24.07.2018
Meine Mutter ist Krebspatientin, erstsunlich, wie sich ihr Beginden damit verbessert! Danke für dieses Produkt! Zusammen mit dem CBD Öl sehr überzeugend!
from Britta on 28.07.2018
So hier mal mein Erfahrungsbericht vom CBD Stem : da ich jetzt seit 2 Wochen einen Rheumaschub ( 19 Jahre Rheuma) habe und trotz 4 Pipetten CBD Öl nehme ,wollten meine Gelenke noch nicht ganz so wie ich , so haben wir uns gleich das CBD Stem bestellt als es raus kam,leider haben wir es erst diesen Montag bekommen und so nahm ich 2 Presslinge vom Stem morgens und 2 um 17.00 Uhr, weil ich durch meine Teampartnerin erfahren habe bei ihr machen die Stem wach und das hatte ich schon mit dem CBD Öl wie ich es zu spät einnahm. Am Donnerstag war es richtig schlimm, nix wollte vorran gehen und auch das gehen war nicht so prickelnd, so beschloss ich dann am Donnerstag 2 morgens, 2 mittags und 2 abends zu nehmen und siehe da am Nachmittag ging alles wieder besser, mir ging es innerlich besser , ja ich weiß nicht wie man das beschreiben soll,einfach gigantisch,ja ich glaub so kann man es beschreiben
from Andeas on 04.08.2018
CBD Cannabisöl 10% nehme ich seit es von NV zu bekommen ist und benötige derzeit keine Medikamente mehr. Supergut! Seit ich jetzt noch zusätzlich CBD Stem Complex nehme, ist die Welt ´ne andere. Ich denke immer was passiert hier mit mir. Es geht richtig gut. Wenn ich das bei Freunden und Bekannten erzähle, die meinen Krankheitsverlauf kennen, bekomme nicht nur ich Gänshaut. Das ist alles sooo gut! Danke!
from Gabriele on 15.08.2018
Fühle mich schon viel besser, werde ich wieder kaufen.
from Rita on 22.08.2018
Die Zukunft beginnt jetzt! Besser kann ich dieses tolle Produkt nicht beschreiben, ein echter Hammer!
from Ralf on 07.09.2018
War ja sehr skeptisch, aber mit der Zeit spürt man die Veränderung angefangen vom Hautbild bis zu den verschiedensten Symptomen die sich bessern.
from Nina on 22.09.2018
Unfassbar!! In Verbindung mit Cbd Öl und Balm ist meine Schuppenflechte an den Ellenbogen sichtbar besser geworden, mein Juckreiz in diesem Bereich komplett verschwunden.
from Ulrike on 23.09.2018
Seit ich das Produkt nehme fühle ich mich jeden Tag fitter und ausgeglichener. Berufsbedingt leider ich unter einen sogenannten Tennisarm, seit Einnahme von CBD Stem-Compex sind auch diese Schmerzen verschwunden.
from Claudia on 24.09.2018
Spitze... das ganze Wohlbefinden bessert sich und in Kombination mit dem Öl unterstützt es super bei Demenz...
from Melanie on 24.09.2018
Ich bin überglücklich! Kämpfe seit Jahren mit systemischen Lupus erythematodes mit Organbeteiligung. Nehme seit gut 2 Monaten dieses Hammerprodukt in Kombination mit Öl und Spiruletten. Was soll ich sagen. Neuroleptika, Schmerzmittel und diverse andere Medikamente gehören der Vergangenheit an. Dazu haben sich meine Blutwerte verbessert. Ausschlaggebende Parameter wie Komplementärfaktoren steigen wieder an! Gelenkschwellungen sind zurückgegangen. Ich habe mich seit Jahren nicht so gut gefühlt! So fit und ausgelassen. Einfach unglaublich :-D Ich bin unendlich dankbar!

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